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Murder and profit in Haiti.

Jean Saint-Vil, activist for Canada Haiti Action Network, has drawn together a fascinating chronology.

It situates the replacement of MINUSTAH General Heleno (who had publicly protested against the blind violence carried out by UN forces) with General Urano Teixeira da Matta Bacellar, the recent appointment of Chilean war criminal General Eduardo Aldunate Herman after the mysterious death of General Urano Teixeira da Matta Bacellar, and the deaths of other MINUSTAH forces, incluing Canadian Mark Bourque, in the context of increasing pressure by elites in Haiti and abroad to engage in intensified massacres of Haitians. The following is from Jean Saint-Vil:

"Je suis capable d’utiliser la force, je suis préparé pour ça, mais face à la situation du pays et surtout de ce que j’imagine être les intentions de l’ONU, je me refuse à utiliser la force de façon incontrôlée et contre des innocents".
(I am capable of using force, I am trained for this however, in view of the current situationin this contry and of what I imagine to be the intentions of the United Nations, I refuse to use uncontrolled force against innocents)
"Tant que je serai au commandement, cela n’arrivera pas. Il n’y aura pas de violence aveugle"
(As long as I will be at the command, this will not occur. There will be no blind violence)
General Heleno, March 3, 2005


January 2005: Publication of Miami School of Law Report (by Tom Griffin) in which the link between Labanyè and Apaid are exposed in detail.

(January-March 2005): Tom Griffin makes several presentations in North America about the findings of his human rights reports

April 1: Thomas Robinson (Labanyè), Apaid's gang handy man is killed

April 9: Former Haitian soldier Jean Rene Anthony (Grenn Sonnen) is killed

April 10: Ravix Remissainthe, former killed Haitian soldier used to overthrow Aristide and who declared that the interim government and the bourgeoisie had used him and betrayed him and his comrades

April 14: Filipino member of MINUSTAH, Sergeant Batomalaque is shot dead. One day after the Security Council mission arrived in the country .
June 3, 2005, Once again, General Augusto Heleno, the Brazilian Force Commander of the U.N. Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), complained publicly that the repressive actions he is being pressured to direct in Haiti are criminal in nature; he didn’t want to have to answer war crime charges at the International Criminal Court, he added. (Agence Haitienne de Presse 6/4/05 )

June 2005 Heleno asks his superiors in Brazil that he be replaced.

Before dawn 6 July 2005, more than 300 heavily-armed United Nations peacekeeping troops in Haiti carried out a major military operation in Cité Soleil, a densely populated residential neighborhood – one of the poorest comunities in Port-au-Prince and a stronghold of support for Lavalas and ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Eyewitnesses claimed there was not a firefight, but rather a slaughter. The operation was primarily conducted by U.N. forces, assisted by Haitian National Police.
Though the raid received little attention in the world press, local residents say the attack might have been the deadliest carried out by U.N. troops in Haiti between 2004 and 2005.

September 1, 2005, Lieutenant-General Augusto Heleno Ribeiro Pereira is replaced by General Urano Teixeira da Matta Bacellar.

December 9, 2005: Canadian member of RCMP force sent to Haiti, Mark Bourque is killed in Cité Soleil

December 25: Jordanian Soldier is killed by Sniper shot in Cité Soleil

December 29 : AHP reports that foreign sources in Haiti indicate the prime suspects in the recent killing of MINUSTAH personnel to Labanyè's gang (which was identified by the Miami School of Law, Human rights Reports as being linked and protected by Haiti's Sweatshop magnate Andre Apaid)...

....29 décembre 2005(AHP)- Des partisans d'un ancien chef de gang, Thomas Robenson dit Labanyè assassiné l'année dernière, seraient derrière les attaques meurtrières perpétrées contre des soldats de la MINUSTAH, a indiqué jeudi à l'AHP des sources étrangères à Port-au-prince."Les dernières attaques contre les casques bleus auraient pour objectif de porter la MINUSTAH à lancer une attaque musclée contre le bidonville de Cité Soleil considéré comme le quartier de tous les risques".

January 5, in the midst of widespread rumours that Haiti's right wing elite will get its wish granted for a massive attack on Cité Soleil, a reliable source informs me that Cité Soleil have been declared off limits to journalists - something will come down this week-end.

January 5:"we are waiting for him to give clear instructions to the troops under his command to cleanse Cite Soleil of the criminals, like they did in Bel-Air....Today, Valdes has two choices in front of him. He can choose to be held responsible for the failure of the elections that he was sent here to ensure the good working of, or he can choose to be responsible for the success of his mission here just because he will be able today and tomorrow, who knows, to make the courageous, the intelligent, and necessary decision to put an end to this climate of insecurity in the metropolitan area...
You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs. We think that Minustah' s generals need to make plans to limit collateral damage. But we in the private sector are ready to create a social assistance fund to help all those who would be innocent victims of a necessary and courageous action that should be carried out in Cite Soleil" Reginald Boulos, interview with Radio Métropole, January 5, 2006

January 6 U.N. Security Council meets to discuss Haiti....

January 7 Urano Teixeira Da Matta Bacellar is found dead at Hotel Montana.
(According to several press reports, this death comes in the heal of a heated debate with Mr. Valdes, the Civilian head of the MINUSTAH, the night before).

January 7 Chilian General Eduardo Aldunate Herman replaces Urano (temporarily) - Herman is currently accused in Chile of having participated in mass murders during the overthrow of President Salvador Allende, in 1973-74
See also various virulent verbal attacks of Réginald Boulos and Andre Apaid against the U.N. ..some of them made a few hours before the apparent "suicide" of Urano Teixeira Bacellar...
What's next...?
Some day the truth will come out...and there will be criminal charges laid !


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