Thursday, January 19, 2006

Murder and Profit in Haiti: "Consultants Advisory Group™ (CAG) Spying in Haiti; Whistleblowers Detained for Reporting Human Rights Violations"

Excellent sleuthing from blogger Kathryn Cramer:

I seem to have uncovered a strange little black ops organization that's spying in Haiti and elsewhere. Not long ago, they were also looking to drum up some business in the US in the Homeland Security market. I got a few tips from whistleblowers. But all of the most substantial information has come from one of their own employees who wrote me a number of long letters.

This post covers a lot of ground, ranging from a mysterious company owned by US ex-pats placing spies disguised as journalists in the audience of Haitian presidential debates, to CAG arranging for the detention of people who wrote to me to ask for information about CAG and complain about CAG's involvement in human rights violations in Haiti. So bear with me. This is my second post about CAG, and part of an ongoing series on Top Cat Marine Security.

This has to be read in its entirety.

Read here, and previously here.


The U.S. State Dept. is reaching out to independent contractors to train other private contractors who will be deployed as “civilian police” -- hired guns for so-called peacekeeping missions taking place in Haiti and other geopolitical hotspots. The senior adviser selected for the task “must oversee pre-deployment training currently being conducted” by Dyncorp International, Civilian Police International and Pacific Architects and Engineers/Homeland Security Corporation, according a recently released procurement document.
(Stephen Peacock with NarcoSphere)


Suicide, accident or murder? What explains the bullet that passed through the head of Brazilian General Urana Teixera da Malta Bacillar at the deluxe Montana Hotel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Jan. 7?
(Haiti Progres via Chabert)


Pretoria - The possibility that a sniper of South African origin might have been responsible for the death of General Urano Teixeira da Matta Bacellar, commanding general of the United Nations force in Haiti (Minustah), has been mentioned in security circles in this violence-torn country.
(Erika Gibson, News 24)


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