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isolated and tortured, indefinitely.

A prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, held without charge for more than four years, has tried to kill himself a dozen times in an attempt to escape the misery and isolation of his incarceration. On one occasion he tried to take his life during a visit by his lawyer.

Jumah al-Dossari, 33, claims he has been repeatedly beaten and suffered intense psychological abuse during his years of incarceration at the US prison camp in Cuba. He says he has watched US guards abuse the Koran, that he has been sexually humiliated and regularly kept in isolation.
His 12 attempts to take his life - either by hanging, slitting his wrists or a combination of both - account for a third of all the suicide attempts by prisoners at Guantanamo Bay reported by the US authorities. The most recent was in March.

"The enormous horrors that my eyes have seen and continue to see, renew my anxiety and pain and my very being and feelings are shaken at the mere thought or flash of them in my memory," he wrote in a 20-page account given to his lawyer. "I have written these lines from behind the walls of the dreadful detention camps. I have written about my pain and my sadness. I do not know what will happen in the future and what fate has hidden for me, when the end will come or how it will be."

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Meanwhile, Guantanamo North in Canada is up and running. One of the people indefinitely imprisoned is Mohamed Harkat:

ALGERIAN REFUGEE MOHAMED Harkat was arrested, ironically, on Human Rights Day, on December 10, 2002, in Ottawa. Harkat has been in Canada since 1995. Working as a gas attendant and pizza delivery man, he worked an average of 18 hours a day. In 1997, he was given refugee status after successfully claiming government persecution should he return to Algeria.

Also see: Campaign to stop the secret trials in Canada.
Justice for Mohamed Harkat.
A letter from prison.

Letter from Sophie Harkat:

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Moe was able to have his first real call yesterday from the Kingston Immigration Holding Center...first thing he said was that he HATED it there!

He feels so isolated and lonely. He thinks everyone will forget about him since he's now there...I said that NO WAY IN HELL would his supporters ever forget him...and I would like to be right about this !! :-) So please send him a letter or just a postcard to remind him that he is not alone...and that we all continue to fight for him...please do so asap as he REALLY needs a pick me up !! It will be a few days before I am able to visit him and the new rules are VERY complicated...making it much harder on the families.

So here it is...Don't let me down....I've been saying we have the best supporters in the world !! :-)

Kingston Immigration Holding Centre
c/o CSC RHQ Ontario Region
440 King Street West
PO Box 1174> Kingston, ON
K7L 4Y8

I know we will be able to send personal items at another delivery addr. Once I know more about what he can have...I will let you know. Thanks for your continued support. Have a nice weekend

Take care


Monday, April 24, 2006

Settler Community

Caledonia, Ont. — An angry mob infuriated by a native protest at their doorstep rushed a police line surrounding the standoff Monday night, screaming insults and demanding the protesters leave.

A line of about 100 police officers struggled to keep the mob of about 500 residents at bay as several cars and more aboriginal protesters could be seen rushing to the other side of a police barrier that kept the two sides about 200 metres apart.
Furious residents waved Canadian flags as they chanted “Let us through!” and urged police to “Open the road” leading to a disputed tract of land featuring a new housing development.

“Go Home!” one man yelled from the residents' side.

“We are home!” a woman yelled back from the natives' side, also numbering roughly 500.
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Canadian Pride.

In 1867, Canada accepted a problem from its colonial rulers - created by their dedication to the principle of racial debasement of visible minorities - and nurtured it with the utmost devotion for well over a century. Without cause, it unreasonably treated its indigenous peoples with contempt and subjected them to the depths of dehumanizing racial persecution. During this period, Canada practised a form of apartheid that would have made the former rulers of South Africa green with envy. It, by law and policy, denied its First Nations people citizenship and the right to vote; tried to brainwash them into believing that they were descended from inferior civilizations and that they were, in fact, an inferior people; it denied them education and adequate medical services; barred them from many public and private establishments; to speed up the demolition of their languages and cultures, created residential schools; barred them from performing traditional dances, etc.

“Are these settlers civilian or military, these farmers who, in South Africa, at ‘this very moment, win battles?’ In vain will we find a distinction... Of those who have been through this rude school, some turn away immediately, but in others there results a special being who is no longer military, nor civilian, but what has become, to put it simply, the Settler.”
Lt-col. Hubert Lyautey, on white settlers in Africa.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

More Six Nations updates.

For more updates, visit:

Simon Raven Wiki's blog.

and here:

Six Nations Solidarity (via Sketchy Thoughts)

Friday, April 21, 2006


I fucked up. The source at the airport told me it ended up being 'airport rumors'. It was not a military plane that landed today. Instead, it was an RCMP plane, and he saw 8 rcmp armored vehicles at the airport--though I couldn't see them tonight when I went.

What I did see at the protest late this night was typical Canadiana: fifty young white supremacists protesting the protestors. Proudly waving a big Canadian flag, hooting and hollering, blocking the road, squeeling their tires.

What were some yelling? "Nuke the Indians".

The drunken group surrounded an Ontario Provincial Police car. Was there an injunction filed to end their blockade? Did the police pepper spray them or beat them down, or drag them away?

The cops let them protest the protest.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Canadian military may be arriving at Hamilton Airport at 9:30am.

According to someone I spoke with at the Hamilton Airport, located near the Six Nations blockade, preparations are presently underway for the arrival of the Canadian military at the airport in just a few hours. Hours earlier, the morning of April 20th, Ontario Provincial Police attacked protesters reclaiming land lost to them in decades of swindles and lies. Sketchy Thoughts has more on the attack by police here.

According to a provincial police spokesperson, the police invasion was the result of the growing threat of violence at the site. This is a complete fabrication. I was there the day before the invasion, and there was not a hint of any threat, at least on the side of the protestors.

The OPP had earlier "signalled that they had learned a lesson from the disastrous 1995 attack on protesters occupying Ipperwash Provincial Park. A marksman killed protester Dudley George 11 years ago, prompting accusations of police and government racism and an inquiry that is still under way." (more on Dudley George's murder here)


"On April 6th the Canadian government said that the Six Nations dispute is not about land rights. "This is not a lands-claim matter," said Deirdre McCracken, a spokesperson for Minister of Indian Affairs Jim Prentice. She also said that the blockade "has nothing to do with the federal government."

But according to a statement released on March 20th by the women of Rotinoshon'non:we (meaning Iroquois or Haudenosaunee, depending on the language being spoken), the blockade has quite a lot to do with land, and with the Canadian government.

The statement outlines how "General Haldimand confirmed that Britain would affirm the right of the Six Nations to a tract of land six miles deep on either side of the Grand River running from its mouth to its source." The piece of land immediately under dispute is only a small part of the much larger "Haldimand Tract."

This piece of history is not being debated. A plaque erected in Cayuga, Ontario by the Ontario Archaeological and Historic Sites Board says much the same thing. The sign also notes that the land was awarded in 1784 in recognition of the Six Nations' help to the British Crown during the American Revolution. What the plaque says next is where the stories diverge. "In later years, large areas of this tract... were sold to white settlers."

According to the women of the Rotinoshon'non:we, however, "None of this land [the Haldimand tract] was ever legally surrendered." The women's statement carries a great deal of weight, given that, "Women are the 'Title Holders' of the land of Rotinoshon’non:we as recalled by Wampum 44 of the Kaianereh'ko:wa."

Though many people came today, there were few people on the canadian side of the barricades but gawkers this past night. The OPP has cordoned off a couple of roads off the highway (presumably also police staging areas), but the highway to Caledonia is still open. You can show your support by going there as a witness tomorrow or whenever you can, or please write or call immediately:

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister,

OPP Brian Haggith 905-772-3322

OPP Indian Advisor Jim Potts 613-795-3907

RCMP London 519-640-7267, 519-756-7050

Brantford-Hamilton 905-572-2401

OPP Caledonia 905-765-2339

C. P. Wright 289-260-9345

Michaelle Jean, Governor General
Phone: (613) 993-8200
Toll Free: 1-800-465-6890
Fax: (613) 998-1664

Michael Bryant,
Ontario Attorney General
Phone: (416) 326-2220 or (416) 326-2210
Toll Free: 1-800-518-7901
Fax: (416) 326-4007Email:

Ontario Provincial Police Attack Six Nations Reclamation

(Please see Sketchy Thoughts for more updates and excellent analysis)

Early this morning the Ontario Provincial Police attacked the reposession at Douglas Creek, just outside of Caledonia in Ontario. The site had been occupied by members of the Mohawk Nation and their supporters for fifty one days.

Below is a lengthy report by Kahentinetha Horn who was there when the police attacked. One hopes readers will understand if it is at times slightly disjointed – it was clearly written as events unfolded.

What must be put front and center, and repeated, is that the initial police attack was repelled. Nine people were arrested and unknown numbers brutalized, but as of 8:30 am all police had been driven off as hundred of people from Six Nations reservation moved onto the site.

This may be a victory, but the day is still young. People who can are strongly urged to get themselves to the reclamation/occupation site (see Mapquest here for directions).

If you cannot get there, consider what action you ca take where you are. Pickets, demos, whatever. Or else you can always phone/fax/email the criminals responsible for this:

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister,
OPP Brian Haggith 905-772-3322
OPP Indian Advisor Jim Potts 613-795-3907
RCMP London 519-640-7267, 519-756-7050
Brantford-Hamilton 905-572-2401
OPP Caledonia 905-765-2339
C. P. Wright 289-260-9345

Michaelle Jean, Governor General
Phone: (613) 993-8200
Toll Free: 1-800-465-6890
Fax: (613) 998-1664

Michael Bryant, Ontario Attorney General
Phone: (416) 326-2220 or (416) 326-2210
Toll Free: 1-800-518-7901
Fax: (416) 326-4007

What follows is the report by Kahentinetha Horn (please forward far and wide):

Thursday, April 20th 2006


4:20 am the OPP attacked to arrest them. Hauled first 9 off. Some protesters took the Caledonia bridge. Reserve people arrived and repelled the cops. At least 150 heavily armed cops. Vans, trucks, paddy wagons, ambulances (for the cops). They repelled them. The cops came back. They were repelled again. Now at 9:00 am the people have taken the land in question back.

How to get there: From Niagara Falls and Toronto, take Highway 6 straight south from Hamilton to Caledonia.

From buffalo take Highway 3 west to Highway 6 and north on Highway 6 to Caledonia.

From Windsor take Highway 3 East to Highway 6 and go north. These are backways and cops are not likely to be looking at it too much

The OPP has created an ongoing battle. They sit in their cars, give out false news reports, and wait for reinforcements to come in to squash the Six Nations people but they can't. Everyone is reporting to everyone.

All police have been chased off the perimeter of Douglas Estates for now. Cop were sneaking behind the unfinished houses. One woman went over. A women cop told her she was under arrest. "What do you mean I'm under arrest. You're violating the laws, both ours and international law". Other cops came out and wrestled her down on the ground. She fought all of them. They kneed her to handcuff her. She started booting the cops. Then other Indians arrived on the scene and chased the cops off. As they were leaving they shot her son in back with tasers. The big woman cop was carrying a big gun, something like an Ouzi. "It was a big one". Those cops were fully packed, she said. They failed to arrest her because she resisted. There are 9 arrested. They're supposed to only keep them for 2 hours. 'We haven't seen them back yet". The People are shutting Caledonia down. "We are not armed. We got our land back. Were in! We're at the fire!"

At the 6th Line where the Douglas Estates comes out on the road at the entrance, out to Highway 6 that goes onto the rez. The bypass that goes around Caledonia. At the 6th line overpass, the people there had been blocking that road, they were attacked by the cops, paddy wagons were there. They fought back. It was a brawl. People started coming from the rez and supported them. Immediately there were hydro poles around which they threw on the road and set on fire. They are cutting off Highway 6 the main supply line that goes goes to Nanticoke Hydro Electric plant down on Lake Erie. It is the main transport truck road to Hamilton. This is being blocked.

Some protesters are still holding Caledonia Bridge, the main artery of the city. It's total confusion.

If you have satellite TV, look for Hamilton CH which has a live feed. They have helicopters filming everything.

8:00 am
It is an ongoing situation. 9 people arrested.

There is fighting going on at the No. 6 Line Bridge. It is blocked off. The traditional Longhouse people put a fire there and the OPP pepper sprayed them. But the people started fighting back. The people have moved onto the main bridge in Caledonia. The people moved the police off the land and are going back to the main door and are still there holding on. The cops are still on the road shutting down the bypass. The OPP were chased off by the people and told to get out. OPP got off the land and are in their cars watching and waiting for "orders".

Get the news on the radio stations, newspapers, television.

7:05 am. Two snipers were chased off by the people. They have 50 cops trapped in, who can't get out. A media black out could work against them. More cops are going to come in. Indians don't have weapons but they do have tons of cameras.

In Ipperwash there was a media blackout. The only way the information got out was because some of the people told what they saw. That's why we need people in there. The police showed in that public inquiry there was a deliberate attempt to stop the press from finding out. There were attacks upon people with cameras, those who tried to get the story out. What the police learned is how to do this the right way next time. This is it. They learned all the weaknesses We learned the invaders are psychologically twisted people who pretend to be supporting the law. These are megalomaniacs who think they can say what the law is because they have access to guns. This time they will do it "right". The CTV have made two major movies showing what happens when these twisted personalities are allowed free reign on Indians. We get killed.

There are back room deals in police headquarters to hide the information and protect the police officers that give orders. In the case of Ipperwash, three OPP police officers died suddenly just before they were going to give evidence at the enquiry. What a strange coincidence. It is unfortunate that the poor jerks that are just "following orders" do not realize that they are putting their lives on the line. They are not at risk from Indians, so why all these coincidences?

The Six Nations people have been burning tobacco during this entire occupation for their protection. This is the only weapon that we have. We know the truth is on our side. We are calling upon the natural forces to give us wisdom and guidance through this whole siege. There are repercussions to those involved when you go against people who are innocent and justified in what they are doing. The megalomaniacs who do these kinds of things are only looking out for themselves. They are a danger to all of society. We Indigenous people are within our rights. We want Canada to obey their own laws, and to respect international norms. We want an open and fair hearing. If the colonizers think they own our land, they need to prove it. With this attack they have trashed any pretension to right and decency, democracy and the rule of law. Canada is beginning to slide quickly down the slippery slope of despotism. How can Canada decolonize. The test lies in how they feel toward people who challenge their assumptions. Are they going to use batons, guns and pepper spray? Or are they going to get out their documents and take a serious look at the evidence.

The answer is obvious. Just look at what is happening today. This is a colonial government's hard core. Canada does not believe in reasoned researched and documented solutions. We are seeing how colonial government is going to deal with any kind of questioning of their "might makes right" authority. These are the signs of how a tyrannical government is going to suppress the people from expressing legitimate dissent against a takeover by the powerful elitist interests that are involved. It appears that individual rights are being eliminated systematically all over Turtle Island. This destruction of dissent at Six Nations is done under the cover of media darkness. This is the way it will be done in the future against all people across Turtle Island. This is an experiment in police state tactics against unarmed people who are exercising our rights.

These are the lessons they learned at Gustafsen Lake in 1995 where 77,000 rounds of ammunition were shot at the Indians. In Saskatoon, where Six Indian boys were found frozen to death outside the city put there by police officers. In Winnipeg where J.J. Harper was murdered by the Winnipeg police. At Ipperwash where Dudley George was murdered in cold blood by the OPP. There are over 500 Indigenous women who have "disappeared" and the police have done nothing about it. In the 1960's there was a complaint made in British Columbia because men were looking for Indian children to have sex with them in the streets. The police did nothing about it. Child prostitution is an on-going problem in Vancouver. We don't want the blood lust of Canada's police force to be whetted by spilling the blood of Indians. This vampire regime is moving in on Indians like sharks who smell blood in the water.

We don't want the

6:45 am
Go to Six nations. Take part in the Canadian "democratic" process. Get pepper sprayed. Get beat up. Get arrested. Get killed. No one will know what is going on. Seriously, the media black out is giving the lawless their power. They can do anything they want and who knows where it will stop. Take photos and tell your friends. We don't want another Chile. The state has been involved in murders before like Anna May Aquash. These attackers find a place where they can live out their bizarre fantasies and manias. These people have a twisted view of society and a gun is put in their hands. No psychological testing is done on these guys in police, armies, and bureaucracies. The only test for surviving is a willingness to "follow orders", not the law. These people have no concept of what the law or true democratic rule is.

6:20 AM
Cops all over the place. People are there. More people coming. Pepper sprayed. So far they let everybody go. Some might have been seized. Don't know. Canada using Gestapo tactics instead of making things right. Canada following big brother george bush mentality - invasion, containment, imprisonment and torture of Indigenous people and their families. Next Canada will start hunting down those who continue to protect and try to maintain the sov and jurisdiction of our people. lets not be surprised if Canada puts a deck of 52 for its most wanted Indigenous people and their friends and allies. Free land is our land that is free of Indians.

At 5:55 am this morning, Thursday, April 20th, over 150 heavily armed Ontario Provincial Police with Native mercenaries as body shields, invaded Six Nations land. Some carrying M-16's, in riot gear. 6th line is still open. The Rotinoshon'no are not fighting because they are unarmed. Tear gas has been thrown at them. Some were pepper sprayed. The traitors are the same kind of people who stabbed Crazy Horse, Geronimo, and those who fought for our sovereignty and our lives.

One bridge to the property has been closed.

Witnesses required. This will not be on the national news. Go there and see what is going on. This is a scary precedent. Take pictures. Make reports. Let the world know. report. REPORT. REPORT. Help the people so no one gets hurt. we never wanted violence. Canada has opened to the door to covert state violence on a scale that is unprecedented in Canada. This si the end of any pretense of negotiation with Indigenous people. they're just going to take the land. Canada came in with armaments, guns, paddy wagons (we don’t know what's in there).

Don't let Canada become another Chile. Tell the world. The Rotino'shon:we are on our own land.

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