Monday, April 24, 2006

Settler Community

Caledonia, Ont. — An angry mob infuriated by a native protest at their doorstep rushed a police line surrounding the standoff Monday night, screaming insults and demanding the protesters leave.

A line of about 100 police officers struggled to keep the mob of about 500 residents at bay as several cars and more aboriginal protesters could be seen rushing to the other side of a police barrier that kept the two sides about 200 metres apart.
Furious residents waved Canadian flags as they chanted “Let us through!” and urged police to “Open the road” leading to a disputed tract of land featuring a new housing development.

“Go Home!” one man yelled from the residents' side.

“We are home!” a woman yelled back from the natives' side, also numbering roughly 500.
(via Sketchythoughts)

Canadian Pride.

In 1867, Canada accepted a problem from its colonial rulers - created by their dedication to the principle of racial debasement of visible minorities - and nurtured it with the utmost devotion for well over a century. Without cause, it unreasonably treated its indigenous peoples with contempt and subjected them to the depths of dehumanizing racial persecution. During this period, Canada practised a form of apartheid that would have made the former rulers of South Africa green with envy. It, by law and policy, denied its First Nations people citizenship and the right to vote; tried to brainwash them into believing that they were descended from inferior civilizations and that they were, in fact, an inferior people; it denied them education and adequate medical services; barred them from many public and private establishments; to speed up the demolition of their languages and cultures, created residential schools; barred them from performing traditional dances, etc.

“Are these settlers civilian or military, these farmers who, in South Africa, at ‘this very moment, win battles?’ In vain will we find a distinction... Of those who have been through this rude school, some turn away immediately, but in others there results a special being who is no longer military, nor civilian, but what has become, to put it simply, the Settler.”
Lt-col. Hubert Lyautey, on white settlers in Africa.


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